The Ugly American

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

The Ugly American:

There is an ugliness sweeping America and it goes much deeper than the verbiage hurled back and forth by the left and the right. Political dogma has taken over as both parties keep Americans fighting amongst themselves, rather than fighting with the government. Barack Hussein Obama has allowed arrogance to turn to ugliness as he feebly attempts to destroy the greatest nation on earth. B. Hussein Obama is facing reality, and it is an ugly reality, he is a loser.

One can picture B. Hussein Obama, growing up with the midas touch, everything he handles goes well, but he doesn’t stick with anything too long, because beauty would turn to ugliness if he did. B. Hussein Obama is attempting to remake America in his image, an arrogant, insignificant, juvenile who cannot accept responsibility, but rather blames everyone else for his wrong doing. Obama, the Narcissist in Chief, is an inherently ugly man. While the state run media finds him attractive, they ignore his obvious faults, the oversized ears, the coke nose, the graying of his hair and the obvious stress lines caused by his presidential history of accomplishing nothing and doing even less. How many months did it take to pick out the first dog, excuse me, the ugly first dog. That dog is so ugly, it makes Axelrod look good.

Narcissism is a mental disorder of the ugliest kind. It leads to massive failure for those who somehow find themselves in positions of responsibility. Once the fabric around obama starts to unwind, he will become a national security nightmare. His grasp of the obvious will fade. His ability to make a decision, any decision, will be diminished. He may find himself taking months to address a troop request, seeking advice from lesser people in subordinate positions, so that he has someone to throw under the bus if things fail, and they will, because B. Hussein Obama is a massive failure. None of his legislation has passed. He has screwed up the economy beyond recognition. He has more clowns in his circle than a circus. B. Hussein Obama, the great American loser.

Ask yourself how B. Hussein Obama can commit this ugliness upon America? Is it because he isn’t really the one? Is it because his hatred for America has turned him into an ugly entity that despite its desire to destroy America, is unable to close the deal, a feeble, impotent shell of a messiah. Now, ask Obama these questions, via email, fax and regular mail (that epic financial failure that our impotent president brags about):

Why, are you remaking America in your ugly, unpatriotic image?

When did you start to hate America, was when your father left you, like an old suitcase, on the curb?

Why is it you cannot finish anything? What is causing your presidential impotency?

Do not be afraid America! Talk to the beta male in chief in the language he will understand. He is an empty suit and by forcing the impotent president to address his epic failure as a president, as a man, making him see his weak self for who he is, you will be doing him a favor.

Bill Turner
US Western Regional Coordinator
The Patriotic Resistance

Twitter: Czarhunter

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor
The American Patriot Commission


  1. LOLOKIMO says:

    Always remeber what the muslims said, in thier bible, its ok to lie to the infedel, so as to destroy them. What is happennimng is so evil it is hard to believe, people, we already know we have been sold out by the corporations, its a fact, can be seen on the stock market, look deep. Yopu will find the truth. And please, dont discrace your forefathers by saying to yourself, ” im afraid, i dont want to get involved” the truth is more than half of America or more are aware, and waiting to see what happenes, well, iTDS happenning, look for the new PDF s coming out, all thuth.

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