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Alone. Blackness. Overwhelming pain causing my body to cringe with each breath. My mind taking a walk, seeing a variety of creatures, and returning to find the Angel of Death lurking over my lifeless corpse. Death stands on my left, calling to me. Excruciating pain and freedom lay on the right. Three days. Waves of pain. Reality creeping back in. As I choose life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I am reminded of the waves of tyranny creeping over America, even more painful than the two and a half foot incision on my body. Fight on.

B. Hussein Obama and his Marxist regime must be stopped. The two key tools the Marxist in Chief has to use against America are the Cap & Trade Bill and the Health Care Bill. These two bills, alone, will undermine America’s sovereignty, erase states rights, eliminate the Bill of Rights and turn the Constitution into a worthless piece of paper. This is not a left and right issue. This is not a DNC v. GOP issue. This is a battle of right and wrong, of good and evil and good must prevail. In order for evil to prevail, all America has to do is ignore what is happening. Doing nothing, at this point in history is treasonous in and of itself. We must unite. It is a matter of freedom. It is the citizenry of America staving off the tyrannical government. It seems as though not much has changed over the past couple hundred years. The elite seek to suppress the working class. England and the Colonies. Russia and the Proletariats. B. Hussein Obama and us.

My fellow Americans, it is no longer enough to be an American, you must become Patriots. A patriot stands up for their country, does not turn their back on their moral and ethical obligation to their country and fellow Americans. A patriot does the right thing because it is the right thing to do. We have no time for squabbles among the various patriotic groups about who is to lead, which group is better, or what path to take. All roads lead to tyranny and enslavement but one, the road to freedom; that road is the path of resistance to Obama and Marxism.

Come with me if you want to be free. Like our founding fathers, we must step out from behind our desks, our computers (the modern day plow), and risk everything for freedom. I would rather be dead than live under a tyrannical government, giving up my freedom for any Scooby snacks the government is willing to toss my way. I implore you to stand and fight, each and every day, until we have taken back America, from those who seek to destroy her. Then, we must forever stand vigilante so that the enemy never gets behind the gate again.

Bill Turner US Western Region Coordinator

The Patriotic Resistance

Twitter: Czarhunter APC Blog:


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