Social Media & Activism: The Big Lie

Facebook. Twitter. A host of social networking, social media sites exist, some more involved than others, each with a niche. Facebook, the Farmville of social media allows you to pretend to do something when you are actually accomplishing nothing more than socializing without having to be bothered with silly ass people. Who needs them spilling beer on the sofa anyway? Then there is Twitter, a fast paced, highly interactive and often vulgar way to interact with people without having to be around people. For the agoraphobic, the social media explosion must be a blessing, for the rest of us, it is a black hole for time, where once spent, it is gone forever and can never be replaced. Having a black hole for time, around the house, is handy, it keeps you from having to do things like spend time with the kids, play ball with the dog, go to church or fishing with your buddies. Besides, who wants to go to church when no one will be tending your farm, your mafia family or worse yet, seeing what that irritating Alan Colmes has to say on some political subject? After all, you can reply to Mr. Colmes on Twitter and tell your friends on Facebook what an activist you are. The only problem with this entire scenario is that the activists on social media aren’t activists.

If you blog, tweet or post on Facebook and consider yourself to be an activist, you are not part of the solution to whatever problem you want to solve, you are part of the problem. Online activism has replaced complaining about social or political issues face to face, where you might actually get punched in the face for some of the things you say online. Yet, these new media activists can lie to themselves, family, friends and each other about how they are “making a difference”. The only difference you are making is some poor kid in Malaysia, putting together your footwear has been laid off because you aren’t buying shoes as often and no one is ringing my door bell, pissing me off as I write this, with Facebook and Twitter humming away in the background. Aha! A hypocrite you exclaim in that smug, “gotcha” tone. Except, aside from pissing and moaning in this rant, I actually run an activist group and loathe what social media has done to the American people. While Iranians are being killed for protesting the outcome of their last election, Americans are loudly, well, as loud as they can type, discussing the merits of being a birther and doggate. The humanity of it all. I am sure that this next paragraph will anger those I haven’t already sent into a rage on Twitter or their Facebook wall.

Pissing and moaning online is not activism. Shocking. I know. But, if you believe the lies you tell others about your activism, you are, well, like most of America, a keyboard warrior, a coward, lazy, resigned to failure and tyranny, generally a douche bag of epic proportions (no offense to actual bags of douche). What is activism? Activism is community organizing (No. Not helping pimps get a home loan, to run a brothel). Activism is actually organizing your state, county, city, neighborhood or block, in a call to action. It involves an organizational structure, no matter how informal and it involves interacting with people, real people, in real time, face to face. Activism involves risk. Activism involves courage. Activism requires gravitas.

Unlike someone who complains online, activism requires that you know your subject matter, know what it is you want to change, and then recruiting people in order to facilitate that change. Odds are, along the way, you will meet with indifference or conflict, while knocking on doors, talking with people and establishing a network of people in the area, so that you can make change. Those social skills you have been ignoring online come in handy. When someone vehemently disagrees with you and wants to punch you in the face, there is no “Block” option, aside from wax on/wax off and your verbal skills. Activism takes character as it involves risk.

We are all born activists. Every single one of us was once an activist. As a kid, you actively engaged mom, dad, or both, to get something you wanted. You didn’t take no for an answer. You were persistent. You armed yourself with information and despite the rejection you faced, you persisted over the resistance. I got my bb gun by being an activist, or as my father called it a “PITA” (Pain in the Ass). After securing him as an asset in my quest, I continued to work on mom, with his help. The strength of any community organizer is not in how many people agree with him or her, but if they can get them to act, to change the outcome of what they are working on. I did. I got my bb gun. I didn’t shoot my eye out (although there were some kids in the neighborhood who came close to needing an eye patch in the ever present bb gun wars). The lesson here is this: We are all born community organizers, until our parents beat it out of us, or the schools break our wills. Some of us never could be broken.

America, the choice is yours. You can be a keyboard warrior, a coward, and stay on the sidelines, or you can get in the game and actually make a difference, by becoming a community activist again. As a child you had no trouble being an activist and if you let that free spirit return, you can make a difference in America. Activism is not for the left and it is more than hiding behind a keyboard. When your children and grandchildren are knitting prayer rugs, will you tell them you did all you could online (And, yes, that was back when you could still leave the house alone) or will you keep them from growing up under tyranny and oppression? I choose freedom.

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The last 24 hours in America have demonstrated to the world that the people of the United States are on the brink of either standing up to the totalitarian elitists or rolling over and giving up.  Let us check the facts:

Congressman Joe Walsh, no relation to the rock star, although, becoming one in his own right, clearly states that if the American people do not act now, it will be too late. The implication being, that this is our last election if we don’t quit watching Dancing with the Stars and start kicking some communist ass.

Congress, that bunch of correct communists that has refused to impeach Barack Obama, deal with Maxine “Murky” Waters, or the Fast and Furious crowd, has secretly done away with the Bill of Rights.  And, to further illustrate the point I have been making for six years, that both parties in on it, Senator John McCain led the charge upon your liberty.  It doesn’t matter who wins the election, we are screwed if we fail to act.

President Obama has weighed in on a shooting, and has enraged the black community.  The great uniter, is a divider.  In this case, Obama turned the race hustlers and New Black Panthers, who are guilty of conspiracy to commit homicide, into a modern day lynch mob.  The DOJ won’t stop the panthers and Obama is using them as his personal racial army, bringing America to the verge of all out racial conflict.

Unaware that the mic was hot, President Obama has disclosed to his Soviet handlers that Vladimir Putin needs to back off until after America’s last election, when he (Obama) can do away with America’s missile defense system and allow the Russians to conquer us, without a whimper.  The White House, aka The American Kremlin, is spinning this and for the most part, the state run media is carrying the message.  But, President for Life, Barack Obama, clearly stated, “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”

America, let me put it to you bluntly:  We have been sold out to the communists by not only Obama, but by Congress.  We have been warned by the one American in Congress, Joe Walsh.  We can take Congress at their words and their deeds.  We can accept what Obama said, for what it is, TREASON.  Or, we can simply go back to watching television and bitching on Facebook, Twitter and at the water cooler.  If you believe your own eyes and ears, the next question is this:  What are you still doing sitting on your ass?  Why aren’t you out in the streets, stopping traffic, taking up arms and demanding a military coup, if Congress won’t do its job?  I never thought it would come to this, but it has.

It is time.  I repeat, “It is time”.


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Driving that train, high on cocaine, Barack Obama isn’t much on speed.  When all that matters is Soros money and Media Matters, you know it is Obama machine politics.  Chairman Maobama has declared war on the right, whites, the elderly, the middle class and OTB’s (Other Than Black).  In doing this, B. Hussein Obama has gathered the socialists, communists, Marxists, anarchists, Nation of Islam, New Black Panthers, union thugs and all of Islam (Face it, even though many are OTB, Obama will use them, then lose them), as he drives that train, full steam down the tracks, on the way to commit war upon the right, the conservatives, the Constitutionalists, the libertarians and the Christians.  If the left in America want a war, it is time we give them one.

When the truth is told by anyone in the media, about anyone on the left, immediately shouts of ‘Off with their head’ are heard throughout the land.  Media Matters get the basement dwellers fired up and MSLSD goes bonkers over any piece of truth told about a figure on the left.  As Conservatives, Libertarians, Christians, Patriots, Constitutionalists or any variety of non-communist turd burglars, it is imperative that we take the war to the left.  In honor of Andrew Breitbart, we must challenge the left, over every lie, every bogus act of outrage, every attempt to silence dissent and we must do so with extreme aggression.  We are at war and it is a war for freedom, out future and the future of our great country.

As the late, great, Andrew Breitbart told the left, over and over, whenever they expressed outrage at some offense committed by the right, that when done by the left, was considered free speech, “So?”  So, what are you going to do about it America?  Are you going to stand up and speak out or are you going to display vaginal fortitude and let these Birkenstock wearing, tofu eating, patchouli smelling pieces of human excrement crap all over you and the Constitution?  Warrior up.  Stop being a bitch for the left:

*  So, start using “So?”

*  When a liberal says, “Studies say…” demand to know which studies.  When they list one, open your smart phone and if they are lying (which they will be) call them on it, as loudly as they would you, if you lied to them.

*  When you tactfully and factually rebut something the liberal has said, and they begin to call you a racist, a fascist, an Islamophobe, or whatever, demand to know, “When did the truth become (insert term the lib used here)?”

*  When a group of liberals get in your face and attempt to shout you down, calmly take out your cell phone and begin to video them.  Don’t say anything, as your voice will become what law enforcement calls, “evidence”.  Instead, have one of your associates, from off camera, ask them, “Do you still beat your wife?” or “Do you still f**k your kids in the ass?” or some other question that will cause the offending parties to either become further unhinged (which is always fun) or become violent (even better, because hippie punching never went out of style).  I have also found that the air horn app is very loud and works almost as good as blasting them with an air horn.

*  Intentionally site Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes, or some other Conservative, Christian,, black and when the offending, white, leftist, goes off, call them racist, first.  Turn the table and turn it hard.

These are just a few suggestions.  There is so much more you can do.  Be ruthless.  Be relentless.  Stop being a bitch (in the traditional, punk, prison bitch manner) for the left.  It is as if we have been driven to the waters edge, back to the ocean, no place to go.  We either make a stand and crush the left now, or we hang our heads like cowards, when asked by generations to come, why they are slaves to the nation state, being starved to death, abused, disappeared, shot and dumped into the trenches just dug.  I will not live in shame.  I will not bow to anyone.  And, more importantly, I will not leave a legacy of shame, in the name my father gave me, untarnished, at my birth.  What about you?

Bill Turner


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